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5th Sep 2020

Russ Betts Show - Sep 5, 2020, Hour 1

What takes place behind the scenes of a local election? Russ provides the back story. And you would State agencies charged with fixing the Salton Sea would have listened to a recommendation by all nine Coachella Valley cities and the Torres Martnez Tribe...but they didn't. Now comes round two - a second resolution by the cities and the Tribe demanding that sea water import to save the sea be looked at seriously and to make sure it is, the cities and tribe now want a seat at the table.

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Russ Betts Show
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Hosted by Desert Hot Springs City Councilman Russell Betts, the Russ Betts Show draws attention to the public's right to know what's happening in the Halls of Government and how to have an impact on the community, county and nation that you live in. It's the Civics class you never had in school.

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